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SHOHEI OTANI/OHTANI Hanimaki Hagashi High School ACEO 2012 Rookie Phenoms Baseball Card SO7, Near Mint


Shohei Otani/Ohtani Custom High School Rookie Card

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Shohei Otani/Ohtani Hanimaki Hagashi High School Sensation Custom ACEO 2012 Gold RC Rookie Baseball Card by Rookie Phenoms. Hanimaki Hagashi High School and Los Angeles Angels great. Stock no. SO7. Near Mint. A great Shohei collectible. Ships in soft plastic sleeve inside a hard plastic top loader.  Flat shipping charge to USA regardless of quantity or additional items includes tracking.

Shohei Otani/Ohtani High School Custom Rookie Card
Shohei Otani/Ohtani High School Custom Rookie Card