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Coal scrip tokens & others

Coal scrip tokens were a form of currency for coal mines for a large part of the 20th century, typically redeemable only at a specific coal mine’s company store. Thousands of varieties exist, making them very collectible and affordable vintage items. JBvalu is one of the largest online coal scrip token dealers in the world. We also have coal scrip credit cards, Civil War tokens and Cannery tokens. If you want to learn more about coal scrip, click on the article link below:

Error, encased & other coins

Historically, the U.S. mints sometimes make a mistake. These error coins make great unique collectibles. Always available at JBvalu are off center errors among others such as broadstrikes, RPM (repunched mint mark), date doubling, capped die (usually strike errors caused by grease on the die causing missing letters or features), etc.  Other non-error coins including encased coins, graded coins plus some Russian, Greek and other foreign coins are also available.

Ancient Roman & Greek coins

Ancient silver and bronze, Roman and Greek empire coins nearly 2000 years old. Rulers like Antoninus Pius, Marcus Aurelius, Commodus, Trajan, Faustina, Gordian, Lucius Verus and others depending on the current inventory. These rare coins are shipped in a vinyl “flip” holder with printed identification information. PLUS some other foreign coins and currency.

Sports Trading Cards

Lots of baseball, basketball, football and hockey cards including a huge selection of Shohei Ohtani, Patrick Mahomes, Victor Wembanyama, Brock Purdy, Connor Bedard, Mike Trout, Aaron Judge, Stephen Curry, Joe Burrow, Jordan Love, C. J. Stroud, Tom Brady, Ken Griffey Jr., Michael Jordan, Luku Doncic,  Ja Morant, Nolan Ryan, Shaquille O’Neal, Josh Allen, Giannis  and so many others. Some graded card available, plus trading card accessories.

Vintage Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Marvel cards

Lots of vintage promo Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards in stock – almost all in near mint/mint condition. Plus Marvel trading cards.

Notgeld - WW1 Paper Money & Coins

Notgeld refers to emergency money produced in Germany and Austria during World War I without official sanction by government. They were issued by institutions like a town’s savings banks, municipality and private or state-owned firms. A wide variety of unique bills & coins in various denominations make great vintage collectibles. Different lots of Notgeld from Germany and Austria (most dated around 1919-1921) are available including Notgeld coins, see links below.


Military Currency

Allied Military Currency (“AMC”) was a form of currency issued by the Allies during World War II. It was issued as a form of currency control to troops entering liberated or newly occupied countries. We have AMC from Germany, Japan, France and Italy plus sometimes others. Also available are Military Payment Certificates (“MPC”) in series from WWII to the Vietnam War.

JBvaluTM brand fishing lures and accessories:

JBvaluTM Propeller fishing lures (compare to Whopper Plopper)

Propeller Minnow fishing lures with 3D Eyes. Rapid, topwater propeller rotating/churning tail action demands fish’s attention. A variety of colors/patterns available.

JBvaluTM cross-body sling & waist belt fishing tackle backpack/bags

Choose from 4 colors/patterns: black (shown), tan, gray camo, and tan camo. Durable, yet lightweight polyester (only 12 ounces). Lots of storage (approx. 5 liters). Size: approx. 11″ x 7″ x 5″. Carry on chest, back or by the handle. Also available are adjustable waist belt tackle bags in tan camo.

JBvaluTM Telescopic Portable Baitcasting fishing rod

The JBvalu model JB506 carbon fiber telescopic baitcasting rod is 5.25 ft. long when fully extended, only 14-1/2″ when collapsed. Portable and lightweight at only 6 ounces, it’s perfect for keeping in your vehicle to be ready when you run up on a fishing opportunity. Durable, with six extending sections, each with an eyelet. Comfort grip and a great price!


JBvaluTM Silicone Floating Frog fishing lures - 5 pack

The JBvalu Model JB205 is a 5 pack of Frogtastic fishing fun! Five design varieties (in a plastic bait box) are included of these floating soft silicone crankbaits. They feature life-like legs, not skirts like most others, and a 2.2″ body length. Perfect topwater lures for driving fish crazy. Weedless hook design allows tossing these bad boys right where the fish are.

and lots more fishing stuff...

There’s a lot of JBvalu fishing lures and accessories to pick from: insect lures, minnows, floating and sinking frogs, propeller frogs (whopper plopper action), spinners, soft baits, jig heads, pliers/cutters and more than are shown in the sample photo here.


Most popular questions about JBvalu

A wide selection of items are available direct to U.S. buyers from the JBvalu eShop located on this web site.

Many of our items are small enough to be Ground Advantage mail Post Office packages. For bulkier items, we use FedEx home delivery and UPS. You will get a tracking number for your shipment, regardless of carrier.

In the JBvalu eShop, currently all items are flat $3.99 (except a few very large items that are Continental U.S. only) shipping to U.S. and its territories/possessions regardless of quantity or additional items ordered at the same time. These locations include Guam Peurto Rico, American Samoa, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands and Wake Island Atoll.

The JBvalu eShop is currently set to automatically accept orders only from the U.S.A. and its territories/possession. However, if you are outside the U.S. and want to purchase $50 or more of items, you can email info(at) to request that. We will need to review customs requirements and shipping costs to determine if we can make the shipment and advise of a shipping cost.