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JBvalu Model JB305 1/2 oz Propeller 4″ Fishing Lure, compare to Whopper Plopper, 3D eyes, USA Ship


JBvaluTM Model JB305 1/2 oz Propeller 4″ Fishing Lure

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JBvaluTM Model JB305 1/2 oz. Propeller Minnow fishing lure (comparible to Whopper Plopper) 4″ Length (not counting hook), with 3D Eyes, Dark Green back, gold belly. Shipping from Lexington, Kentucky. $3.99 shipping to USA regardless of quantity or additional items includes tracking.

– Rapid, topwater Propeller rotating/churning tail action demands fish’s attention.
– Two #6 stainless steel treble hooks.
– 3D eyes.
– Popular artificial bait of choice by many.

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