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JBvalu Model JB205 – Set of 5 Floating Silicone Topwater Frog Fishing Lures in Bait Box, Soft Body – USA Ship


JBvaluTM Model JB205 Frog Fishing lure set of 5

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The JBvaluTM Model JB205 is a 5 pack of Frogtastic fishing fun! Five color varieties are included. SUPER REALISTIC! These floating soft silicone frog fishing lures are fish finding crankbaits with lifelike legs (not skirts like most).  Body length of 2.2″ (5.5cm) not counting leg length. Weight of 1/2 oz. (15.5 grams). Perfect topwater fishing lures for driving fish like bass crazy. Weedless hook design for tossing these bad boys right where the fish are. Includes a plastic five slot bait box (7″ x 3-3/4″ x 1-1/16″ high). Shipping from Lexington, Kentucky. Flat shipping charge to USA regardless of quantity or additional items includes tracking. Check out the JBvalu Fishing Honor page on this web site.

JBvalu JB205 Frog Fishing Lures
JBvalu JB205 Frog Fishing Lure example