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USSR Vintage Coins Lot of 3: 1965 & 1967 1 Ruble/Rouble + 1964 50 Kopeks, Very Nice Condition, Stock no. CN-U3


USSR Coin Lot

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A lot of 3 different original vintage USSR/CCCP coins in circulated condition. All 3 have great edge lettering. You get:
1965 one ruble, 20th anniversary of WWII victory, 31mm diameter.
1967 one ruble, 50th anniversary of Bol Shevik Revolution, Hammer & Sickle Lenin, 31mm diameter.
1964 50 Kopeks, 24mm diameter.

You will get the exact coins in the photos. Stock no. CN-U3. Each coin shipped in a vinyl “flip” coin holder. $3.99 shipping to USA regardless of quantity or additional items includes tracking.

USSR Coin Lot of 3
USSR Coin Lot of 3 reverse