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USB Rechargeable LED Emergency/Camping Portable Light/Lantern 80W, JBvalu Model LED1


USB Rechargeable LED Portable Light

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A USB rechargeable LED emergency/camping portable light/lantern. White 80W light for on the go. Great for power outages, camping or anywhere you need portable lighting. Premium LED light has switch for 4 modes: high light, low light, flashing light and off. Comes with USB charging cord. Recharge from your laptop, power bank, or phone charger (that has USB adapter), etc. Folding mounting hook for convenient hanging in your tent, inside your house and unlimited more places. Size is approx. 2-1/2″ in diameter, and 4-3/4″ high when the mounting hook is extended.  Estimated approx. 6+ hours of lighting depending on mode used. Buy multiple for those annoying power outages and save on batteries! Ships from Lexington, KY.  JBvalu Model LED1. Flat shipping to USA regardless of quantity or additional items includes tracking.

USB Rechargeable 80W Portable Light/Lantern
USB Rechargeable 80W Portable Light/Lantern