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Coal Scrip Token Lot of 2 Different: Koppers Stores, Beards Fork, West Virginia – 1 cent, vintage, Stock no. C-K1


Coal Scrip tokens – Bon Jellico Company

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A lot of two different vintage coal mine scrip/script token/clacker from Koppers Stores, Beards Fork, West Virginia, Fayette County. Both are one cent tokens, and 18mm diameter brass, Edkins WV177G1 and WV177J1. You will receive the actual tokens pictured in vinyl flip holders. Own a piece of history – coal scrip was used in place of money at a coal mine’s company store. Stock no. C-K1. Very nice condition. $3.99 shipping to USA regardless of quantity or additional items includes tracking.

Kopers Stores Coal Scrip Tokens
Kopers Stores Coal Scrip Tokens reverse