JBvalu eBay & Etsy stores stretch your dollars

new jBvalu website promotes ebay and Etsy stores

The new www.JBvalu.com website has been launched to promote the JBvalu eshop, plus the JBvalu eBay and Etsy stores. Featured in both stores are coal scrip tokens, ancient silver Roman coins, and U.S. error coins. The eBay store is also the source for JBvalu brand fishing lures and accessories, JBvalu brand garden flags, plus other items including prints/lithographs, home and garden, video game related items and a vast variety of other merchandise. The theme of the JBvalu stores is “stretching your dollars”, providing value to customers and delivering customer satisfaction. Based out of Lexington, Kentucky, the owner of JBvalu has been selling online for over twenty years. JBvalu is among the largest online coal scrip token dealers.