Shohei Ohtani LEAF Memorable Moment Baseball Card eshop adds Shohei Ohtani Memorable Moments Short Print Trading Card from Leaf

Shohei Ohtani, the Los Angeles Angels generational baseball player, has a new short print trading card from Leaf. The SCB-1 memorable moments card celebrates the day Shohei pitched a complete game 1 hit shutout and had 2 home runs in a double header. The short print run of 1595 makes the card a great Shohei collectible. The attractive card is printed on extra heavy card stock, and sealed in a top loader by the Leaf factory. On sale now in the eShop, along with many other Shohei rookie and other cards, plus dozens of other stars. Shipping to USA is a flat $3.99 in the eShop, regardless of quantity or mix of items purchased.